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I have been going here every month for years and the reason i keep going back! I love it. Great food, great service and staff are always friendly, bonus that the food comes out fast 🙂 Highly recommend!
“Julia Discombe”

Delicious food! Great lunch specials and super friendly staff. Highly recommended.
“Louise Karsten”

Great food, competitive prices and the owner is a very kind gentleman always trying to serve his clients better. We had some fish we didn’t quite enjoy and he immediately returned it for us- perhaps it was our palette ?but the food is always A+- thank you Punjab Palace 🙂
“Yanushka Naidoo”

I am so Impressed and happy once again. This time an absolute pleasure as the staff are so kind and welcoming. They made my Autistic son so happy, He got his own menu and treated just like a grown up customer. My son was so impressed. Thank you sir, your service made a little boys week. food is always amazing, Never bad. The only Indian food place we eat!
“Holly Sosich”

Always my favorite Indian restaurant
“Samantha Bradley”

An amazing experience, food as if it you were in india minus the experience flights
“Dorothy Druitt”

If you’re like me and you’ll only ever order the classic white girl curry (mild butter chicken) then you will be very satisfied with PP’s version. Heaps of chicken pieces, delicious sauce, good serving of rice. Also got a plain and a cheese/garlic naan which were cooked perfectly. Hubby got the entree of four chicken tikka pieces…so naturally I ate two of them (of course I promised I wasn’t that hungry when he ordered) and they were delicious BBQ’d boneless chicken pieces from heaven. Highly recommended. Hubby is now lying down attempting to put all his energy into digesting as he ate waaay too much. Will definitely be back (and by back I mean: we will definitely order via menulog again while we sit in our pjs and watch a movie).
“Emma Milligan”

Mean as Indian cuisine I mean i don’t like Indian food but this place is gangsta
“Stanton Mata”

❤Delivery was well before time they eatimated. The food was hot, fresh & delicious. My family really enjoyed that thumbs up from me.
“karlo I2”

With a limited variety of restaurants here in Papakura/Takanini this place is fantastic to chill & eat at service is great & food yummo.
“Lina Anderson”